Household Disinfection

Household disinfection is the removal of microorganisms from a biological material or substance, such as food, water, or personal care items. Microorganisms can be either naturally occurring or introduced to a material through an external source, such as a contaminated surface or aerosolized food or water. Biological agents are those that do not naturally occur, including viruses and bacteria, while chemicals are those that naturally occur but have been introduced into a material through an external source, such as a spill.

esterilizador portátil are not the only organisms that can be removed with household disinfection. As well as killing microorganisms, disinfectants also sanitize the biological material or substance. If you have pets, they are a natural source of microbial contamination because they come into contact with the same things as humans. Microbes live on the skin and the fur of these animals. This is why pet grooming products often contain disinfectant.

Household disinfection can be done with simple household supplies. There are two basic ways to do this. The first method is to use chlorine bleach, a common household chemical agent. Bleach is not only effective at removing microorganisms but is also non-toxic and has very few side effects. You may also find that some home disinfectants do not have an odor or taste, so they are great for use in medical settings. The second method is to use a commercial product designed specifically for the removal of microbes, germs and bacteria. These commercial products are called disinfectants and can be purchased at a home store or pharmacy, or over the Internet.


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