Parallels Support and Customer Service



When you need a company for reliable web hosting and computer based programs, you want to opt for a company that you can rely on. It should be well respected and have top notch support and customer service. To meet that criteria, look no further then


Support Guides

Know exactly where to go for help with Parallels support guides. By referring to your products support guide, you will know exactly what types of service are offered and where to go to get that service.


Knowledge Base has an extensive knowledge base available on their website. This area offers an almost endless amount of articles that can answer any question you can think of. Organized by category or fully search-able, you can quickly find an article to help you with any question you have.


Parallels Forum

There is also a great forum located at You do have to register for it and then you have unlimited access to the customer driven forum. You can post questions you have, answer questions that others have posted, or search the forums for information. You can also browse through the forums to engage in discussions about products and get more familiar with things that can help you take your business to the next level.


Phone Support

For issues that must be dealt with right away, there is phone support available check. Depending on what your service plan is, you can either call right in to the support line or if you chose to not get a service plan, then you can purchase a one time phone support ticket. Either way, you can be confident knowing that you can always reach someone quickly should you need phone support.


Non-Technical Support

Do you have a question that isn’t related to how a product operates, in other words, a non-technical question? Then use the Non-Technical support area. These customer service agents will keep you from having to wade through the ticket system or technical support area. They can help you with issues including product activation, product keys, registration, licensing, and online sales.


Premium Support Options

There are support plans that can fit anyone’s needs and budget. Depending on what product you need support for, premium support plans can provide you with anything from only once and while support, to the highest plans which offer unlimited twenty four hour a day, seven days a week support.  The flexible levels of support plans help you get what you need while staying inside your budget.



Any business person should always be on the lookout for great deals. One way to get great deals and Parallels deals and coupons is through tech blogs and forums. It is very easy to find them. For example, most technical sites have whole sections devoted to On these sections you will often find coupons and discounts. See, for example, Spiqy to find the most up to date promotional coupons.


With great support and knowledge resources, Parallels Dektop, offers a great option for all of your businesses technical needs.


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