Why many countries have not legalized online poker?

Despite the fact of the involvement of skill in playing online poker, the same is not legal in many countries. People play online poker to have fun and take a minimal risk to earn some money. The money aspect and the classical correlation of cards with gambling make it a social evil. Millions of people from across the globe play online poker and enjoy the advantages of flexibility of time, space, and money, but still, it doesn’t find favor among legal hawks. They are stuck in their classical logic of gambling and addiction woes and try to impose similar logic on online poker gaming.

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If addiction and related worries are the reason, then the same logic should also be applied to violent and sexist video games as these are making children addict and destroying young minds. Anyway, this logic is also not valid as video games have their usability controls and limitations. Here are some of the reasons legal luminaries forward against online poker https://poker1001.pro/:


  • Addiction 


The most argued point is gambling-related addiction. According to rough estimates, there are over 10 million gambling addicts in the U.S. Legal and social experts link this behavior to financial, relationship and social-economic issues and justify the legal ban on online poker. Several countries have shown openness and flexibility and legalized playing poker online, but with severe restrictions. The main challenge is the unwanted correlation between problem-gambling and online poker.


  • Mental Health Reason 


Experts are of opinion, although there isn’t any exclusive strong correlation, that gambling and online poker creates several mental health issues. Apart from the social challenges related to job, finance, and relationship, they are of the view that excessive involvement causes depression, anxiety, and mood disorders.


  • Economic Reason 


Despite very strict regulatory control and monitoring, experts point the finger that this industry operates in dark and siphon hard-earned money of the common people. But, the unfortunate reality is that this industry is heavily taxed and all unaccounted money comes back into circulation. Online poker is more robust as every single dollar comes through the banking channel. It helps creates millions of jobs globally as the system required the highest level of operational efficiency. But these advantages are of no value for legal hawks as they are more interested in playing social cards.

  • Fraud Reason 


Some people argue that online poker is programmed to keep people engaged in the game. Unfortunately, this isn’t a valid argument as platforms don’t make money through betting, but entry fee or some commissions. It is a fact that there were some cases of fraud and some people lost money in the process. But, that’s the way and the same makes the system more robust and secure. If fraud is the logic of the legal ban, then the same logic should equally apply to the stock market. Thankfully, the value here is pretty low.


Thanks to changing consumer behavior and technology, people are now coming forward to seek access to everything they want. If marijuana could become legal, then why online poker couldn’t. Let people play the game and have fun and fund.


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