Huuugebet Games is a company that develops and publishes mobile games. The company has been concentrating its development efforts on the rapidly expanding social casino gaming market worldwide, which is currently valued at multiple billions of dollars.

Huuuge bet Casino, the company’s flagship app, provides users with a social gaming experience in which they can interact and play with other players from around the world in real-time.

In one of the most competitive fields of the mobile scene – casino gaming – the company has earned a consistent spot in Google’s Top 30 Highest Grossing Games thanks to its appealing, free-to-play casual casino environment.

You can download Huuuge Casino and the other games offered by the company from any of the major mobile gaming stores, such as iTunes, Google Play, or the Amazon App Store.



Obtaining Players of a High-Quality

The market for social games is one of the most competitive in the United States.

Huuuge aimed to rapidly expand its paying user base at a cost acceptable to them. Their previous experience led them to believe the United States market, particularly iOS, would take a lot of work.


Huuugebet’s goal was to achieve rapid and sustainable growth in the social casino gaming market, which is highly competitive. Huuuuge collaborates with many ad networks and user acquisition partners to accomplish this lofty objective. Each ad network and partner has a unique roster of publisher clients and a unique range of user quality standards.

Huuuge needed the right partner, one that would enable them to add new partners and networks quickly and easily, attribute each install and action, and develop the optimal KPIs for use across campaigns, partners, networks, and regions.

Aggregating Data Across Multiple Data Streams

Huuuge must exercise an exceptionally high vigilance in acquiring new users because the gaming app industry is notoriously cutthroat, particularly casino-themed gaming apps.

These efforts go far beyond merely encouraging a steady stream of new users to download the app; the success of the apps depends on continuous and recurring engagement on the part of users. Huuuuge, much like many other top-tier gaming apps, collaborates with many advertising networks and user acquisition partners for precisely these reasons.

The UA teams at Huuuge rely heavily on data from recent and ongoing campaigns to optimize those campaigns in real-time; budgets are moved and changed according to how well the campaigns are performing.

AppsFlyer has evolved into an indispensable component of Huuuge bet is marketing stack due to the increasing demand to measure multiple apps simultaneously, in addition to dozens of campaigns and media sources. The UA and BI teams at Huuuge frequently use the AppsFlyer dashboard throughout the day to pull reports about cohorts and protect 360 activities and retention.

Even though the data was easily accessible in the various reports, the members of the UA team needed a more comprehensive view of their key performance indicators to understand better the quality of new acquisitions’ rate and the funnel driven by each campaign.

The only way to combine specific KPIs and conduct analyses, such as, for instance, the cohort revenue for a particular day post-install or the aggregate return on ad spend for day X post-install, is to pull and combine several separate reports. Additional reports had to be removed and combined before proceeding when pulling aggregate data for longer timeframes, such as the past six months.

The team members found that they needed to perform additional calculations and cross-reference several reports, which was an unnecessary and time-consuming task that took each team member an average of one hour per day.