Some sort of Individual Basic safety Weapon To Think about: The Self-Defense Keychain


I use a generic term, “Self-Defense Keychain,” to explain this gadget but you could have listened to of it by far more common, professional names such as “Kubaton” or “Persuader Keychain.” Because, “Kubaton” is the most well-known, I’ll use that phrase interchangeably with the 1 I use.

The Kubaton is a mild-weight steel, plastic or picket dowel. It is about 5 inches extended and one particular fifty percent inch in diameter. The shaft of this weapon is generally knurled or grooved so that it does not slip in your hand. On 1 finish of the Kubaton is a ring or two keeping a cluster of ten to fifteen keys.

Not too long ago, manufacturers have attempted to boost the Kubaton with sharpened ends, telescoping tubes, spikes, enclosed canisters of pepper spray and even hidden knife blades. I will not get into these added “bells and whistles” and will limit my advice to the basic product consisting of a shaft, crucial rings and keys.


The self-defense keychain is discrete, unassuming, and convenient to carry. If used correctly, it can dramatically increase the odds of surviving and escaping from a serious, daily life-threatening assault. I talk about the keychain for the duration of my self-protection seminars since it stands up nicely to the 7 evaluation concerns.

I desire to go over and give info about the keychain but be reluctant to make blatant recommendations about it, or any other gadget or weapon. I feel that the decision about whether or not to carry a private protection gadget, and which 1 you have, is YOUR selection. I desire that you evaluate and examine the “pros and negatives” for oneself. This write-up is to assist you in that process process.


7 Evaluation Questions

If you missed the previous issue of the Protecting Strategies Self-Defense Newsletter (December 2000) I’ll assessment the 7 Personal Security Device Evaluation Inquiries:

one. Is it legal?

2. Will I carry it all the time?

3. Will it be instantly obtainable when I need it?

4. Do I have legitimate confidence in my ability to use it?

5. Is it as powerful as it has been held out to be?

six. Could it be taken absent and utilised on me?

7. Am I bodily, mentally and emotionally well prepared to use it?

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1. IS IT Lawful?

In most jurisdictions that I am mindful of, the Kubaton is legal. It can be bought over the counter in stability, martial arts and sporting products merchants. I located several on the internet merchants offering them for $five to $twenty five pounds. Simply because they have a utility function (to maintain your keys) they can be legally carried.

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In Canada, the Kubaton is neither a restricted nor a prohibited weapon. It is for that reason authorized to have supplying it is not employed for unlawful reasons. They are also offered throughout the U.S. However, if you are considering carrying a Kubaton, you may possibly want to make your own enquiries to validate if they are lawful in your jurisdiction.
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This is the attractiveness of the self-protection keychain. What is the most frequent factor that you have in your hand when coming or going from your automobile, residence or office? Your keys! Simply because you have your day-to-day keys on the self-protection keychain, it is likely that you will have it in your hand more than any other item. This raises the odds that, if you are attacked, it will be in your hand and ready to go. This is a enormous benefit when contemplating a personal protection gadget or weapon.

3. WILL IT BE Quickly Accessible WHEN I Want IT?

Again, the self-protection keychain is likely to be ready to go when you need it most. It is not ample to have a Personalized Safety System in your possession. It won’t do you considerably very good in your purse, pocket or car. If you hold your keys on the keychain, it is a simple matter of creating a habit of carrying it in your hand whenever you go away your house.

4.DO I HAVE Self-confidence IN MY Capability TO USE IT?

There are a number of “Foolish” methods linked with the Kubaton. They incorporate extravagant wristlocks, takedowns, releases from retains and other elaborate techniques that just will not stand up in the anxiety and chaos of a genuine-entire world confrontation. Even if they did function (which they never) they would require in depth practice and education to turn into proficient.

Secondly, in a stressful experience, only straightforward, big-muscle steps can be executed efficiently. For that reason, a functional self-defense program need to be straightforward and have as couple of techniques as possible. The program that I educate, for instance, is made up of 3 simple striking strategies that are normal and regular with what one particular would conceivably do for the duration of a combative predicament.

Due to the fact the Kubaton is a tough object, it concentrates and intensifies the striking vitality that is transferred into the assailant. Even with minimum coaching, a keychain strike is far far more likely to incapacitate a violent assailant than an vacant-handed reaction.


When used effectively, keychains -protection keychain is a devastating weapon with possible to severely injure and incapacitate a violent attacker. For that explanation, it should only be used in scenarios where you fairly believe the assault is severe and lifestyle threatening. You must also imagine that you will not have much less forceful alternate options offered to defend your self.